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Apple. No, not the computer company.

Autumn, a time for apples. Perhaps a Macintosh apple would’ve been better for the “red” assignment, but I prefer Honeycrisp apples.

Day 232: Taekwondo, Yo!

Day 232: Taekwondo, Yo!

Not only was the Taekwondo team at Jeonju University amaZING, but they also know how to drop it like it’s hot.

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Baseball in Korea: Kia Tigers

Baseball in Korea: Kia Tigers

Went to a Korean Baseball game for the first time. When each player goes up to bat the cheerleaders sing a different theme song and  do a different dance routine for them! I watched the cheerleaders and the crowd more than I did the game!

So unlike in Baseball in the US!

Typical American Hamburger

Here’s a “real Amurican meal” a hamburger! Generally it’s paired with french fries but here it’s with a healthier side, green beans.