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Rainbow Cake

Not only beautiful to look at, but damn tasty too!

I credit my friend Aitak for taking the pic, but I’m the model so I share creative rights too, haha

Rainbow Cake

Clouds over the Mountain

This is so late. Yikes. Sorry Megan!

Water Cloud

Edited this a bit with picmonkey.

My phone camera couldn’t quite capture the exact colors.

Sculptures by the River


I love the colors on the statues.




Korean Door Art

Pororo the Penguin for the win!

Entertaining 🙂

Yarn Orbs

Yarn Orbs


Mannequins at the Shinsagae Department Store

The mannequins at the Shinsegae department store are so funny to me! I love that the male mannequin has a moustache (even though most Korean men shave their face).

I think it is so bizarre the female mannequins have bangs that obscures most of their face.

However, I would argue that these mannequins are a lot less creepy than some of the ones I used to see working as a sales associate in Macy’s.

NOTE: The Shinsegae department store is for the wealthy people in Korea. I would never be able to buy anything in their store!!